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Women's Long-Sleeve Undershirt M

Price: $150.00

Product Description

Our Classic undershirts and underpants have 4 great features:
Each piece is 3 times warmer than cotton, 2 times warmer than wool.
Nefflon's zero sweat and moisture retention keeps you dry and comfortable.
The neutral pink color blends in beautifully with your skin tone under any translucent outerwear.
The soft lace trim adds a finished touch to your feminity.
Say "goodbye" to skimpy elastics that cut into flesh, or those embarrassing urges to walk funny in order to adjust the piece of fabric sitting in the middle of your behind. Our panties have special crotch design and fabric layering to cater to your comfort and feminine needs. Nefflon is a highly breathable fabric, which gives you the extra confidence in each stride.

Item Code: CA09
Size: M
Color: Pink
Material: Teviron 95%, Polyester 5%